Digital me

It was one of those ordinary evenings somewhere back in 2002.

One of those ordinary evening meant that I used a lot of my time on digital tools and in digital channels. The Flaschback forum – Here I talked about music, gaming and political debates. MSN messenger – I was active here all the time, talking and discussing everything from the next home party to what to write on the next assignment in school.

Then of course we had all the computer games – Counter Strike, Age of emperies 2 and Starcraft. And all the talk and all the lessons I learned in all these computer games!

If digital literacy is defined as to wish degree a user is socially engaged in digitally mediated information. Then I would say, no doubt, that one of these normal days back in two 2002 where when my digital me peaked. Where my digital literacy was highest.

So where am I today?

Yes, of course I´m involved in so many more digital channels today than in 2002.

But how do I use them? Looking at it with a visitor/resident perspective, I would say I have become more of a visitor. I don’t produce or discuss material in the same amount that I did back in 2002.

If digital literacy is about technical knowledge, my technical knowledge has definitely gone up since 2002. I have so much more knowledge of different digital – channels, programs and forums. But still I don’t seem to use them in an active way.

This makes me wonder if I have really become more technological?

Maybe I was more of an expert on a few digital channels and programs in 2002. But I was really active in these channels and programs. I was in a “resident-mood”.

Honestly, I have hard to se where I’m really active and productive in the digital world today. Yes, I’m on Instagram. Yes, I’m on Facebook. Yes, I’m on Linked in. But am I in a “residential-mood” when I’m in these in cannels? Not so much. I go through this pages daily and of course I get a million of notes and updates. But I’m not active.

The digital world to me has become much of what an old newspaper was to me. I read a lot of material but I never use that chance of writing the letter to the editor. If I wanted, I could be the editor. The new digital world has provided me with that chance. But still I just want to read my digital newspaper. Why is it so?


En reaktion till “Digital me

  1. Hej Marcus!
    I think reflecting on the ”moodiness” of being a (digital) resident is a very interesting perspective from where we can look at our lives in digital environments. Are we resident also when we are not engaging with it? Is our residence dependant on us wanting to be active? Look forward discussing these issues further! 🙂



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